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Stuff we like: SNAP organic liquor March 13, 2011

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We haven’t reviewed any products yet, but I know that’s on our list of things we’re going to get into more as we keep writing. So, I’ve decided to start us off.

If you live in Philly and are even vaguely connected to the art/food scene, you’ve probably heard of SNAP or ROOT, organic spirits made by a local artists coalition called Art in the Age. (They’re very trendy and have a philosophy behind all their funky t-shirts and soaps and whatnot.) ROOT tastes like root beer, SNAP tastes like ginger snaps.

Yes. Liquor that tastes like ginger snaps.

SNAP (The liquor is actually more of a dark beer color - bad lighting + bad camera skills = bad representation)

I tried this for the first time at Wishing Well, which is a generally awesome place –  I opted to man up and order it neat. A few weeks back, a friend who works for Philadelphia Live Arts told me so much about how awesome this alcohol was that I felt obligated to try it.

And it was worth it. And when I saw it was on sale at PLCB stores, I picked up a bottle of SNAP over the weekend. (For those of you outside of PA, buy it here. Yes, it’s a little pricey – but this isn’t something you just knock back. It’s something you enjoy and mix with things for flavor.)

And, in case you want some ideas on how to use SNAP yourself, I recommend a few options.

First, this recipe from Art in the Age for “Haymaker’s Punch” – it involves cider vinegar – is delicious. (I won’t type it here – I want you visit their site.)

Second – and this is only for the brave and flavor-loving – try the drink my roommate and I came up with when we were experimenting.

2 oz. snap
Pinch of fresh grated ginger
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2-4 oz. water (and/or ice)
Dash of cayenne

That is for people who love flavor. Anyways, check out this nifty liquor, support the arts, and impress everyone with how trendy you are.


4 Responses to “Stuff we like: SNAP organic liquor”

  1. m. Says:

    AHH! I MADE THIS! well, my boyfriend and i made it. approximated it. don’t know if we approximated it because i’ve never had it because i don’t live in philadelphia — but i read about it on notcot last fall, felt the crave (because you know [i think] how i feel about ginger/snaps), did not want to order it off the internet because i have fears about shipping alcohol — and so, with the help of the weirdly beverage-crafty boyfriend, “made” it.

    by “made”/”approximated,” i mean we looked at their ingredient list on that oh-so-adorable-foodie-hipster web site, put it all in vodka, steeped it for a loooong time, then strained it, then let it sit, then drank it. here is what our homemade version tastes like:

    a smooth liquid cookie. and then your throat closing up from alcoholic heat.

    i’m lazy. so i sip it straight (out of a mini-mug)… or mix it with coke. HA.

    is it clear yet that i’m VERY excited you featured this??

  2. m. Says:

    ps have you experienced “root” anywhere? it doesn’t have quite the same draw for me as snap did. but apparently john & kira’s (TELL ME you have had their chocolates! especially the mint and/or ginger ones!) did a root-chocolate-thing. hmm…

    • krandle Says:

      How could anything have the same draw as gingersnaps?

      My friends bought Root and I smelled it. I’d rather use my calories on root beer, and then drink Snap.

      And OF COURSE I’ve tried John and Kira’s. (Ginger chocolate? Lavender? How could I not buy that?) Did you hear about the Root-washed cheese? I’ve been told it was very exciting….if for no other reason than it was so local/organic/trendy/etc. it makes anyone who’s heard of it 10 points cooler.

  3. m. Says:

    here’s the thing: this one time, i made myself sick on drunken goat cheese.

    and then, i could not eat (real) cheese ever again (at least not so far). (obviously, i can eat mac and cheese, grilled cheese, even brie sometimes — but no SCHMANCY cheese.)

    just thinking about it puts the taste back in my mouth. shudder.

    my dad used to get me john and kira’s for all special occasions, and this stopped, and now i’m sad but don’t know how to get it to start again without just bein’ all DAD BUY ME OVERPRICED CHOCOLATES. i wish i had never tasted them in the first place because oh! the longing and the missing is much too great. and unlike snap, i can’t just whip up my own version.

    the moral of everything i have written today is just to put stuff in alcohol and drink it and don’t ever mess with anything else.

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