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Cooking Together: Summer Berry Quinoa Salad May 30, 2011

This weekend, we actually got together to cook, instead of just prepping meals from our kitchens in separate states. The results were lovely  – and we did a typically excellent job of combining ceaseless conversation with red wine, good food, and packaged cookies.

Since it was incredibly hot, we opted for some low-cooking dishes that didn’t require too much attention to the stove. (Yes, K decided that throwing a frozen pizza in the oven counted as dinner, and yes it was M who made the healthy salad.)

Summer Berry Quinoa Salad

For the salad:

4 cups cooked quinoa (2 cups dry quinoa + 4 cups water)

1 pint strawberries, washed/trimmed and cut into small pieces

2-3 bunches scallions, diced

1-2 cucumbers, diced

For the marinade:

balsamic vinegar

olive oil

lime juice

garlic powder

black pepper


Cook the quinoa according to directions on your package (for us, that meant combining the water and quinoa in a sauce pan, bring that to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes until the water is evaporated.)  Set that aside and prepare the strawberries, cucumber(s), and scallions.

Now, start the marinade. Here’s the thing about my marinades: I don’t measure at all. So if we’re ballparking things, here’s what you do (obviously to taste): in a small bowl mix together equal parts balsamic and oil (start off with 2 tablespoons each if you feel the need to measure this) and then spice to taste. Mix in about 2 tablespoons lime juice, and then pour the mixture over the strawberries, cucumbers, and scallions. If you need more marinade, repeat the above. If not, combine the berry mixture with the quinoa and refrigerate for about 15-20 minutes (or until the quinoa is cool… you want this to be a cold salad).  This can be made the day before if you like– the marinade probably will taste better the next day too.


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