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Vegan Version of Pasta with Ricotta, Basil, & Tomatoes August 31, 2011

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This one is in response to a post from ages ago, that somehow got away from me. Better late than never though. K made a simple hot weather-friendly dinner for two involving pasta with ricotta, basil and tomatoes a while back. Thankfully the weather has cooled off a little bit since then, and I’m still moved to try a vegan version of this. Pressed tofu crumbled and seasoned with lemon juice and nutritional yeast actually makes for a suitable substitution for the ricotta. Nutritional yeast is one of those vegan ingredients that makes starches taste somewhat cheesy. It’s quite good as a macaroni and cheese enhancer too. In general, I have to say I prefer actual ricotta, but it’s fun to try these things now and then. The texture is spot on and the taste is definitely in the ballpark.

2 servings whole wheat pasta of your choice, cooked to box specifications 

1 medium bunch fresh basil

3-4 medium tomatoes, diced or 1 1/2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved

1 block extra firm tofu, pressed

2-3 teaspoons lemon juice

2-3 teaspoons nutritional yeast

Salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar to dress.

Prep the pasta, tomatoes and basil, set aside. Crumble the pressed tofu into a medium bowl until the texture resembles ricotta. Season with lemon juice, nutritional yeast, and salt/pepper if desired. Dress the tomatoes with balsamic and toss everything together. That’s it!


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