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Sweet potato black bean ravioli experiment December 4, 2011

I know the question that you’ve been asking yourself all weekend: now that her workload is slowing down  and her boyfriend is in the recording studio all weekend, what is K going to do with herself?

Since part of me wants to strive to become a poorer, less healthy, less nitpicky version of Martha Stewart, my weekend included a deep clean of the house (yes, Mom, I even cleaned the baseboards and the top of the fridge) – and a ton of cooking.

First off, I made these peanut butter pretzel fudge brownies (no adaptation from the original, except I used brownies from a delicious mix). Don’t worry – I’m taking them to the office. I don’t have the budget to buy a wardrobe for my 10-lb heavier self right now.

Then, I made some Cranberry Cornmeal Bread in my breadmaker. Yeah. You’re still jealous of my $5 machine. I know.

And then – because I did not want to clean anything else in my house – I decided to try my hand at making pasta.

Please note that this is an interesting decision on my part because I (a) recently proclaimed that I would never try making my own pasta and (b) do not have a rolling pin or a pasta machine.

Voila! A rolling pin! (Yes, it's an empty bottle of Snap, which just gives me one more reason to love it. And yes, that's a bottle of Rhuby behind it. I'm all about Art in the Age right now.)...(And no, I did not polish off the bottle before starting this project. It's been empty for several weeks.)

Anyways, I saw a recipe for sweet potato ravioli dough, and decided to try it out. (I did not feel like making vegan ricotta out of tofu, so I made a different filling.)

It really did taste wonderful. I encourage people with ACTUAL pasta making experience to do this. It will taste better than what I made – which was pretty good on its own.

I blame my friends for (a) living in NYC and (b) being on a sweet tropical vacation for making me eat this (and do the dishes) alone. Still a good effort.

Sweet Potato Ravioli Dough

1 large sweet potato, peeled and diced, then boiled until soft, then mashed
1 Tbs olive oil, blended into mashed sweet potatoes
1 cup whole wheat flour
<1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt

Blend 1 cup whole wheat flour and salt in the Kitchen Aid using the paddle. Then, slowly add the sweet potato/olive oil mixture – while the motor is running. After that is well blended, slowly add the remaining flour until it reaches the desired consistency.

Roll out the dough so that it’s thin, and cut it out into circles. (If you’re cool, use your biscuit cutter. If you’re poor, trace around something circular with a knife.)

Spoon some filling onto one round, then place another round on top. Pinch firmly closed, then use a fork to make sure it’s really sealed. Boil raviolis until they come to the surface of the pot (about 3-5 minutes, depending on which reference sites you’re using). Eat. Immediately. With some butter.

Yes, especially in this photo, they do look like sea creatures.


Black beans, mashed
Pulled pork that you’ve made ahead of time


3 Responses to “Sweet potato black bean ravioli experiment”

  1. Gerry Says:

    You are too amazing, K. Blessings from sunny, gorgeous Redding CA!

  2. vespachick Says:

    Wow oh Wow!! I want a taste of all of these items. My breadmaker is sitting unused and lonely in the cupboard. Can you come and keep it company? I also have a bored pasta machine–if you make it, I make sure you don’t have to eat alone.

  3. m. Says:

    special request: remake the boston cream pie cupcakes! made them with some schoolfriends last week and the cake-y bit turned out less attractively (and more cornbread-like?!) than when we baked them. (then again, i was responsible for that piece… mea culpa.)

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